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My Beautiful wife and I (James Hess) and the reason for the Grace that Saved us, you, and your flock!

My Beautiful wife and I (a few years back) holding onto the “Reason for the Grace that Saved us, you, and your flock!”


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Dan Mullins, Senior Pastor-The Vine Church Greater Orlando

“I have had the opportunity to know James Hess since 1996.  He was a faithful member of the youth group when I was a youth pastor.  I have followed James’ manner of life and conduct over the years.  Not only did I know James as a youth but continued to stay in touch as he was a soldier in the United States Army, achieving the rank of Sergeant after only one tour of duty.

Furthermore, I had the blessing of knowing James’ wife Sarah, prior to their marriage. In fact, they were both in the youth group together and James was brought into the group through his friendship with Sarah.  James and Sarah were married after his stint in the Army.  I still remember being a guest at the wedding and eventually having the opportunity to witness their growing family and four children. I also followed James closely with respect to his college studies.  James and I both discussed some degree options with James eventually choosing to complete a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, which he completed with a 4.0 GPA.  With all this history, I can say that James is a truly devoted follow of Jesus Christ, a good husband, and father, and a lifelong, learning leader with many gifts.

During some of my own leadership transitions, I recommended James to support the church administration and handle bookkeeping functions as well as manage the church checkbook.  He served the pastor faithfully as a member of the church administrative team.  This team met on a weekly basis and James offered counsel as well as support in helping the church grow and manage multiple services.  James can bring ideas to the table as well as implement solutions.

James has had the benefit of several church experiences in Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida.  Although I can speak more to his experiences in Central Florida, I do know based on my relationship with him that he has picked up many abilities through his varied experiences.  During my most recent common church experience with him, James served as a developing group leader while I supported as lead pastor.  He has strong biblical knowledge and takes the scripture about studying to show oneself approved to heart.  He labors in the word.

In many ways, James is a 21st century Renaissance man.  He has worked in other settings while picking up managerial and leadership experiences.  He runs his own webpage.  He has managed businesses. He has been working as an unpublished author.  He does art.  He enjoys learning.  He is a family man.  He is a devoted husband.  But, above all else, he is a man that loves Jesus Christ.

I believe you will find James to be a man of character.  He is humble yet willing to defend what he believes is right.  He is teachable yet also shares openly based on his multiple experiences and applying the bible to life.  He is real and authentic yet prudent in conversation.  James has a strong marriage and is raising his children in the training and admonition of the Lord.

I am delighted to recommend James as a person of genuine faith, tested character, and a continued passion to proclaim God’s truth to the world and those in Christ’s body.” –

Dan Mullins, Senior Pastor-The Vine Church Greater Orlando

Rosie150 frame

Rosemary Gain, Concord North Carolina, Christian poet, writer, novelist, and lyracist: http://jesusseekers.yolasite.com/

“James you are a learned man of God. You go into the depths of things and I am amazed at your coordination of facts.

You have blessed me beyond words not just because you said nice things but because you have put this precious word out there for so many to see. My heart is overflowing not only for the love of God but for the love of Gods people who need this and who I hope will be deeply moved by its Divine message and the hope it will perhaps instill in their hearts , souls and spirits in these darkly troubled times. May God receive all the Glory that HE so ardently deserves and may His Holy name be highly magnified by the ones that gets touched by its honesty and simplicity. Oh how I love Jesus and all that HE has done for a dying world and may we give Him all the Glory that He so deserves not only now but in our forever.”

– Rosemary Gain, Concord North Carolina, Christian poet, writer, novelist, and lyracist

“I love reading James Hess’s answers to questions in the Christian Torah teaching facebook group, called the Awakening Report!”
– Joyce Kennedy Shackelford

And, here’s a very important tip that will both increase giving AND the amount of people your congregation will invite to church:

Before your next services’ prayer that brings the offering basket down the isles tell your congregation the life-transformation and spiritually awakening story of how the giving enabled a program or outreach that bettered the life of an unfortunate child, or struggling family.

Give a praise report for their salvation and the difference that was made in their life, and THEN give a prayer of thanks to God who really was the one behind the life changing transformation.

Those kinds of stories reinforce your flock’s trust in your ministry and will inspire them to give even if they neglected to bring their checkbook–an iPhone and your “church donation” webpage can make a beautiful marriage.

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