Last Great Day Connection to Yeshua

With Shavuot Yehsua tabernacles with us, and then a double portion of the Holy Spirit with Shemini Atzeret in Hebrew, or “the Eighth Day” – John 7:37-39. 37 In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. 38 He that … [Read more…]

God’s Wisdom and Appointed Feasts

Before the French Revolution and after the Declaration Des Droit De L’Homme of 1789 pictured below much of the civilized world was measured by a mysterious 12 by 60 based numbering system. In the Fabien and Jacobin French revolutionary time period, France established the first form of  what we now know as the metric system. … [Read more…]

Tower of Babel Matrix

It amazes me that many Church leaders and pastors are not concerned with End Times Bible Prophecy as if it is a far off future that has no link with the here and now. What if the wars and rumors of wars that are part of foreign military aggression we are seeing in military news … [Read more…]

2 Peter 2-3 Noah and Today’s Pastor

The worldwide flood was decreed, foretold, and established by God for the purpose of wiping out any trace of the continual evil-filled corruption of all human flesh. It was the supernatural means for which God started over with his plan for mankind. Noah was a righteous and untainted man, who was the only righteous candidate … [Read more…]

Denomination Meaning

There is no problem in being a part of a main line protestant Denomination. However, many sheep in the fold are experiencing the hurt and pain of denominational church splits. Is the Denomination Meaning feeling a little too mean? Why are there soooo many denominations? We identify with our own and we disagree with just … [Read more…]