How we can pray for our pastors #1

What does a hurting pastor think and feel?

And… what is really important to him?

A few "Adda Boys", and frequent honest "AMENS" from the Amen Section would bless a Pastor--Beyond Measure!

A few “Adda Boys”, and frequent honest “AMENS” from the Amen Section would bless a Pastor–Beyond Measure!

In my single year as a Barracks Pastor and the years serving and aiding pastors I have discerned and encouraged pastors for the following internal and emotional issues:

#1: “I worry about my wife and kids and the pressures on them. God has given me a measure of grace to handle the many varied pressures of ministry and the pastorate, BUT…

I worry about my wife and kids and the pressure on them because of the pressure cooker of evangelical ministry as a Senior Pastor.

Do they have the same vision as me?”

#2. “My church has been a labor of love and I know we are worthy of bringing in greater tithes and offerings than we do at present.”

#3: As a senior pastor, I do so much and pray for revival change. I a worthy in the eyes of Jesus to inspire the same level of commitment and passion in almost every single member of my flock. Note: This may not necessarily equate to the same level of time commitment as I commit to the ministry.

#4: “I would be moved to amazing heights of appreciation myself and feel greatly appreciated if I received regular feedback during my sermons through:

  1. An “Amen Section!”
  2. More “Thank You Pastor” words of regular appreciation
  3. Adda-Boy Pastor encouragement for a powerful, effective gospel sermon delivered from the pulpit that points to the gospel and Jesus as Lord… Instead of conflicting goals and vision of key church members
  4. Admiration per Hebrews 13:17, and 1 Thess 5:12-13
  5. The flock caring for my personal and emotional situation on a regular basis, steps 1-3 usually are all that is necessary!

#5: My Dreams and Aspirations

  1. See Revival spread out and touch hearts that lead to many salvations and re-claiming our community for Christ!
  2. To finally proclaim our church growth and offerings “praise report I’ve been praying to give to the whole congregation for the kingdom and Glory of God!
  3. Spiritual growth and maturity so I never have to pray for another “back-slid” member.
  4. Grow a flock that feeds themselves heartily on the eat of God’s word, firmly grounded in the truth of the gospel.
  5. Grow a flock that is spiritually “on fire” to turn the world upside down with widespread revival. Please see my blog posts on revival Revival meaning Jesus preached, and Ephesians 4:11-16 for Revival 2day

This is just a sample of the things that a pastor feels when he feels dis-empowered and taken for granted. I will touch on more of their pain and what they hope to gain through their ministry tomorrow.