What pastors feel and think, yet may not say out loud

Within the daily frustrations of a even a Good Shepherd Pastor… He feels these pains and fears intensely:

  • Being told what I am not doing right or lack of encouragement
  • Worry over finances meeting projected needs and growth, much less funding our desired building project and ministry expansion plan
  • Worry over pastor burn out – over worked, underpaid
  • A desire to excite church members to:
    • Study
    • Grow in maturity
    • Become regular attendees that show up on time, ready to go
    • Discipleship
    • Sharing the gospel
    • Being a more joyful giver

These are the obstacles that stand between him and what he wants or needs to achieve:

  • Bills
  • Less people to do more for greater disrespect
  • Sadly, family needs

These are the risks he might fear taking:

  • Having to downsize ministry
  • Move to smaller facility
  • Remove/close departments of ministry and care withing the church
  • Close office
  • Lay-off workers, staff, and department heads
  • Not be able to pay creditors
    • Especially those church members/staff/entrepreneurs helping grow the church through their business services and gifts in kind
  • Not be able to reestablish growth
  • Have to get another job/bivocational
  • Divorce
  • Break up of family
  • Church split
  • Coupe detas
  • Fraud/embezzlement allegations
  • Stress leading to porn addiction/indecent relationship with church member, for whom he is counseling/infidelity/affair