1. Jamie you have blessed me beyond words not just because you said nice things but because you have put this precious word out there for so many to see. My heart is overflowing not only for the love of God but for the love of Gods people who need this and who I hope will be deeply moved by its Divine message and the hope it will perhaps instill in their hearts , souls and spirits in these darkly troubled times. May God receive all the Glory that HE so ardently deserves and may His Holy name be highly magnified by the ones that gets touched by its honesty and simplicity. Oh how I love Jesus and all that HE has done for a dying world and may we give Him all the Glory that He so deserves not only now but in our forever.

    • Grandma, I am so pleased that God has put it in your heart to wake up the sleeping church, and call sinners to repentance now more than ever. Jesus will get the glory, but we run the race for the prize that is eternity with Jesus. Thank you for playing such a pivotal roll in my coming to salvation in Jesus and for helping my parents teach me his ways. I look forward to sharing more of the work that God has placed on your heart in this dark hour as the clock runs out. God bless you grandma!

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