1. Brian Strain

    What about families in which some are saved and others are not….will the be a chance for the unsaved to have their names written in the book of life if family members are separated during the time of tribulation?

    • Hi Brian, thanks for contacting me on FB and asking this question here. I understand the pain inherent in your question. I have dearly loved unsaved family members and I am always looking for reason and ways to share Jesus, or Yeshua if you will with them. The name Jesus is more readily understood and received. This is an opportunity scenario. Everyday we can look for open doors to sharing the good news of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus that satisfies Father God’s Holiness. Jesus lived the perfect life of fully obeying the commandments in both the right spirit and letter of the law. He died an atoning death to satisfy the fact that Father God is a being who is a consuming fire that destroys sin in his presence. That blood shed for our behalf covers those who repent (turn away from) their sins, which are acts and decisions that come from a heart of wanting to be one’s own god. The blood of Jesus shed for our sins covers us in his righteousness, that we cannot have on our own. Some version of this message needs to be shared with loved ones mixed heavily with prayer for them. It is their choice from point on. You can share the good news of salvation in Jesus many times over and the Holy Spirit can do a work in their lives and hearts. That is the way to salvation that is spoken of in the scriptures. If you are separated from family members during the tribulation, then please pray for them. I will pray for you and others during these times and the Great Tribulation yet to come. Prayer with strong faith is a mighty tool for moving heaven and earth to bring someone to the foot of the cross. None of the scriptures time the rapture before Daniel’s 70th week Great Tribulation. One Great Book that I am reading right now that proves this point is “Reclaiming the Rapture” here: https://www.amazon.com/Reclaiming-Rapture-Restoring-Gathering-Commonwealth-ebook/dp/B073SLTDPW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506366656&sr=8-1&keywords=Reclaiming+the+Rapture. Check it out! Share the gospel and pray with all your heart. God will take over the rest. No one will be saved apart from hope in the Messiah, Jesus!

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